Frequently Asked Questions

What is Virtual Realms?

-Virtual Realms is the cultivation of ideas from a group of local Long Island gamers. It is Long Island’s first virtual reality arcade, boasting 8 stations; each equipped with a powerful PC machine and the HTC Vive. As our community grows, we hope to grow alongside and provide only the best in VR and Gaming experiences. Stop in and become a part of our journey!

What is Virtual Reality?

-Virtual Reality, often reffered to as VR, is an immersive computer-generated multimedia experience. The Head Mounted Display (HMD) and Vive controllers offer state of the art tracking, allowing for a fully immersive first-person experience within an environment that is seemingly physical and can be interacted with in familiar ways.

What is it you offer?

-Virtual Realms offers the masses an experience unlike any other. Our model relies on providing a comfortable and sociable atmosphere for gamers of all levels. Each of our stations (Solo & Group) are equipped with an HTC Vive. For half hour or hour increments, you can rent out a station, which provides the space and equipment for maximum VR fun. Once you are in VR, you have the freedom to pick and choose from our library of over 30 games and experiences!

What is a Solo Station?

-A Solo Station is our single player experience. The station is 10ftx8ft and is equipped with a full HTC Vive set. Since the player is immersed in VR, we keep the monitor outside of the room. Each Solo Station has a curtain for privacy. This is ideal for those looking for time to kill, or an evening of multiplayer fun among friends!

What is a Group Station?

-A Group Station is what we like to call, our “living room” experience! Great for families, couples, and first timers, the Group Station offers a 14ftx11.5ft space that’s optimal for the social environment we aim to provide. **Each Group Station has one HTC Vive set. Up to four players may be in a Group Station and share their purchased time by trading off the HMD and controllers. This social environment can yield lasting memories and the coolest social media posts!

Is it safe?

-Yes! At Virtual Realms, we provide a brief, yet thorough introduction to VR and the rules Virtual Realms has established. Our age limit (7&up) is recommended to protect your child’s eyes. When in VR, the player has a full view of the space provided to play in, as well as a grid wall that appears whenever the player gets too close. As long as the procedures and rules are respected, we can assure you that your experience with us will be safe.

How do I book a reservation?

-Feel free to book your reservation over email, by phonecall, or online*! We also accept walk-ins. Be sure to look over and sign our Waiver & Release Form beforehand to be VR ready! The booking widget can be found at the bottom right corner of our website.
*Currently, our online booking system only allows for Solo Station booking. We will soon have an update that allows for full booking and payment for either experience.